Sneaking in a Run

Hey there!

I don’t know about you guys, but the further I get along in marathon training, the less motivated I generally get.  Spending hours of my weekend preparing, running, and then recovering from my training starts to take a toll.  For past races I’ve always followed my training schedule to a t.  There was no such things of shortening runs; I always made myself run the full distance (i.e., 18 mile run) on the scheduled date.  This time around I’m being a bit more flexible.  Do you guys ever do that?  This past weekend, it wasn’t possible to get in an 18 mile run, so I split it into two chunks.  I ran 5.5 miles one day, and 12.5 miles the next.  It’s definitely not my preference (I don’t feel as well prepared) but sometimes life gets in the way.

Like sometimes I have to go to Bulls games for work:

bulls game

And, when I’m really lucky, I get to go with clients & bring one of my friends.  This has only happened once (thank goodness I have a photo to prove it)!

bulls game kelly

Other times, I have long car trips.  Or meetings.  The usual.  So when I can sneak in a run, I sneak in a run.  And then I celebrate with doughnuts from Glazed & Infused.  Have you locals had their doughnuts before?!  If you haven’t, you NEED to.  They’re incredible.  As someone who does not like red velvet cake, or cream cheese frosting…but is (ironically) absolutely obsessed with their red velvet cake doughnuts…you need to take my word on it.  They’re incredible:

glazed and infused

Have a great night!

Questions for you:

– Do you ever split long runs into multiple runs?

– Favorite doughnut?


2 thoughts on “Sneaking in a Run

  1. Hello. I just came across you site and enjoyed it. I have to admit I’m not a doughnut girl! Its about the only unhealthy food I don’t eat.
    Good luck with your training. In the past I too tried to follow a plan but this time am doing my own thing, and no surprise, its not going too well. Totally my own fault!

  2. I am new to the blog world… 3weeks in,,, i stumbled on your blog! Look forward to reading future posts! I don’t usually split my long runs up… I followed Hal Higdon and he discourages that, but man, when I was training for my half, I so wanted to split some of the runs up!!! I haven’t thought about tackling a full marathon yet!!! Good luck with your training! I am sure that you will rock the race! I am somewhat of an “Average” runner… and fairly new, so… I unfortunately don’t have great advice…LOL… all I know is just run and have fun!!!!

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