Lazy Weekends – Instacart Review

Hey there!

This weekend was one of the laziest (and best) weekends in a while. ¬†I’m pretty sure the hubby and I left the house no more than 5 times – and, the majority of them were to go out to eat. ūüôā

Today I took that laziness another level and used the service Instacart. ¬†What is it, you ask? ¬†Well its basically like Peapod or any of those grocery delivery systems. ¬†Except, better. ¬†Here’s why –

(1) You choose your grocery store.  The site lists about 6 different options from where you can get your food.  How nice to have a choice!  I live by a bunch of great ones, and I stuck with Whole Foods for my first order.

(2) You pick your schtuff (technical term ūüėČ ). ¬†I ordered a bunch of fruit, veggies, lunch meat, etc. Once I ordered everything and hit “buy”, it leads you to a screen which shows all of your selected items. ¬†For each item, you get to choose a substitute in the case that your item isn’t available. ¬†Uhh hello – this should have always been around on grocery delivery sites! ¬†When do you¬†ever¬†get everything on your list?! ¬†Answer: never.

(3) You buy it.  And wish you spent it on shoes instead.

(4)¬†Time passes. ¬†A few hours before your order is set to be delivered, you get a call from Whole Foods (grocery store you choose) confirming your items. ¬†If some weren’t available, they try to choose substitutes.

(5) It gets delivered.  AND YOU NEVER LEFT YOUR HOUSE.  From a pure laziness level, this is awesome.


– Quality: the fresh fruit and veggies were great. ¬†Nothing was bruised, nothing looked “ehhh”, etc. ¬†I’ve used other delivery services in college (Kroger) and it was FAR from pleasant. ¬†The stuff usually lasted one to two days past delivery. ¬†Instacarts/Whole Foods actually looks like it will last – success!

– Price: surprisingly, it wasn’t all that different from grocery shopping. ¬†AND if you buy more than $35 of groceries (which inadvertently happens every time I grocery shop… even if I’m only planning on picking up one thing)…you get free delivery! ¬†For those of you who aren’t so sure you went to spend $35 right off the bat – no worries. ¬†Your first delivery is free. ¬†Of course, mine was no matter what since I spent over $35 on my first order…

– Substitutions: this is where Instacart gets a lower score. ¬†And I was so excited about the substitution option!! ¬†There are two reasons this gets a lower score (1) I requested 2 green bell peppers. ¬†When he called to confirm my order, he said he only picked up 1 because it was the only one that looked good. ¬†Now while I appreciate his concern over good quality I’m not sure why he didn’t substitute those peppers with yellow¬†bell peppers (my listed substitute). ¬†I mean… why list substitutes if they don’t reference them…? ¬†(2) I requested 1 pound of turkey lunch meat. ¬†They didn’t have it, so I told the guy I was fine with whatever turkey lunch meat they have, within the same price range. ¬†He assured me this was just fine. ¬†Upon delivery, I saw it was the same price – but only 3/4 of a pound. ¬†Disappointing because I know there is lunch meat that WOULD hit the same price point at the same weight. ¬†Again, not the end of the world, but that was enough sandwich for a lunch, so we’re one day short.

Take-away: I would use Instacart again but, if they call me due to substitution questions, I would make sure I ask for a final “double check” call. ¬†Good news is – price & quality are right, just need the quantity!

Alright – that’s enough “work” for tonight – it’s back to laziness! ¬†ūüėČ House of Cards, here I come!

‚̧ Sarah

Questions for you:

– Do you use grocery delivery services?

– Do you watch House of Cards?